The Exotic Stratovolcano, Kawah Ijen


Kawah Ijen is one of the famous tourist destination in East Java. It is an active stratovolcano mountain with large caldera lake in it. The caldera itself is built from various layers that come from many eruption since 1976 and continuing in 1817, 1913, 1936 and 1999. The Ijen mountain is located in the area of National Ijen Park in Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It can be reached by both location from local transportation or travel agent.


From the final post, it take one - two hours hiking to the top of the mountain. And the caldera itself is in the center of the mountain and has beauty colorful green to blue lake. The caldera crater also well known as sulfur mining which is about 20 kilometers wide. The traditional miners can be easily found around the area which carrying the sulfur from the crater floor into the surface. It take by hand basket of 70 - 100 kilogram weight.

Another famous views is the blue fire crater. It is an ignited sulfuric gas, which emerges from cracks at temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. It perform about 5 meters high of blue flames and some of the gas condenses into liquid and ignited. The blue fires come at night and will disappear in the morning. Usually start at 1 until 3 AM in the morning. To meet this phenomenon, the midnight hiking is required to reach the rim of the crater, followed by a 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater.

Trip Advisor to Kawah Ijen Stratovolcano

Transportation (Trip Tracking) & Cost:
  • Bondowoso: It took about 70 kilometers to use this route. From Bondowoso you can start travel to Wonosari, then continue your trip to Sempol and the final post Paltuding. The hiking track start from Patulding, it take about 4-5 kilometers away.
  • Banyuwangi: the total route from this track is about 38 kilometers away. You need to travel from Banyuwangi to Licin district. From the Licin you can continue your trip to Jambu area and reach the final post of Patulding. Alternatively from Banyuwangi Bus or Train station, you can continue your trip using motor service to Patulding. There is no fix rate for this alternative transportation, it will depend on your deal.
Best recommended using travel agen from both city. If you come from Bali, you can use the service from Bali also. Since there is no special transportation to take you at the final post.
Travel Guide:
  • Individual or Group
  • Advance trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage and adult
Equipments and Tools:
  • Winter jacket, hiking stuff
  • Medicine, glove
  • Personal stuff 
  • Masker, towel, mineral water
Other recommendation:
  •  Two Guess House/Villas operated by PERHUTANI - PALTUDING Area
    • 100.000 IDR per Night (no bath room)
    • 300.000 IDR per Night (with bath room inside)
  • Guide Service for Night hiking - Blue Fire: you can use local sulfur miners as guide, they can speak English. The fee around 200.000 - 350.000 IDR depend on your deal. The night hiking basically start at 00.00 and they will take you to the best spot of blue fire. They are experience enough so you can ask for safety reasons. Please use masker, wet towel and supported stuff since the sulfur gas may be dangerous for you.
  • Morning Hiking. You can start by yourself from Patildung post. Follow the track and it take about one - two hours trip. Please mind your track some of them may be so dangerous.
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