The Yadna Kasodo Ceremony, Mystical Tengger Tribe

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 The Yadna Kasodo or Kasada ceremony is a mystical Tengger people traditional tribe festival where held as annually to remind the tradition of worship to "Sang Hyang Widi". The traditions represents both culture and belief to reach better harvest or healthfulness next year by trowing sacrifice things to God into Bromo volcano caldera. Basically they are sacrificed the goods like vegetables, chicken or goat.

The ceremony will be performed at midnight until early morning every full moon Kasodo month within Javanese lunar calendar (It is about in the 14th or 15th date). The ceremony held at the "Potent" within sea sand area and continue it into the surface of the caldera at the peak of Bromo mountain. This practical ceremony represent Hinduism worship but the Tengger people are quite different. They do not worship in temple but in the Punden, Danyang and Potent.

Thus, this tradition based on the ancient legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger who was native Tengger mankind. For many years after their marriage, they remained childless. Then Joko Seger medicated at the top of Bromo to ask God full fill his wishes. He granted 25 children but the 25th must be scarified in to the caldera. This tradition is continuing until now but of course not human to be sacrificed. 

The Yadna Kasada - Bromo Ceremony Event:
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