The Hidden Paradise East Java, Greenbay

The Greenbay and rocky beach is one of the hidden paradise in Banyuwangi, East java. Located within National park of Merubetiri, Sarongan - Pesanggaran or about 90 kilometers in south of Banyuwangi. The location itself is hidden in the forest and hills. From the final post, we can reach the area by tracking and hiking or ride the local ship that available in the final post. We recommended to do tracking and hiking through the village and entering the forest. The unusual views can be seen during the track such as The beauty peace bay, etc.

It is about 4-5 kilometers tracking and hiking to reach the first beach. Since the area still virgin, there are no specific accommodation to help the tracking. Best recommended to see this area is in the dry seasons. The wet season may dangerous for slippery track.

The greenbay is hiding through the rocky beach, deep in the Merubetiri forest. From the rocky beach, you may follow until find the track behind the cliff. Within the rocky area, there is a beautiful precipice ocean with green colorful water. Afterward you may reach the final wonderful hidden destination. The greenbay itself is about small wide area with green glowing water. The water is very fresh and shining like emerald in the ground. It is also covering by virgin white sand beach and small waterfalls sets on its corner. Enjoying sun batting and swimming may be the best option but you must do very careful since the big wave may be dangerous. There are no life guard in this area so it will be hard to ask help. Doing camping also possible but you must report your activity to the final post at the parking area.

Thus, the best way to get back may use local ship that always available in the area for every 10 persons a trip. During the transportation you will discover stunning wonderful cliff and ocean glowing by the sun shine. It is perfect hidden paradise you will ever see.

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Kawah Ijen Stratovolcano

Travel Advisor Transportation (Trip/Tour Tracking) & Cost:  
  • Private or Rent car: from city center follow the track (as map above) to Pesanggaran - Sarongan - Sukamade. It takes about 90 Km away from Banyuwangi. Final park at the "Rajagwesi" beach. There are local home stay there. From the parking area, you may continue the destination by walk and hiking through the village, hills and forest.
  • Public transportation: from city center you must go to "Jajag" station then you can continue your destination by "DAMRI" bus to Sarongan. From the Sarongan station the only alternative transportation to Sukamade is using motor rental or service "Ojek". The cost start from 30.000 IDR depend on your deal.
Best recommended using travel agency from the city center or you may use moter rental from your hotels.
Travel advisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group backpacker
  • Advance trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, couple. Not recommended for children
Trip Equipments and Tools:
  • Hiking stuf, sun block, cap, swimming fits
  • Medicine
  • Personal stuff 
  • Towel, mineral water
Other Trip advisor / Tour Recommendation:
  • Food or cafe (Warung): available in Rajagwesi beach area with various of traditional culinary and ingredient. 
  • Alternative way to reach the greenbay beach and return: you can use ship rental it cost 25.000 - 35.000 per person/way depend on the member of the ship which is group or personal.
  • Best recommended way: hiking and tracking to reach the beach and back with the local ship for different views.
  • Best time to visit: during dry seasons
  • Alternative home stay can be found from these location: Ketapang, Kali Baru, Glenmore, Watudodol and around Banyuwangi - Situbondo street (some of them WiFi include). Best trip advisor recommended homestay: Kalibiru.
  • Local home stay "Rumah Singgah" near karang asem station: Contact person Mr. Rachmad +6281913914231 (WhatsApp only) 
  • Please mind your activity while swimming at the greenbay beach. It is quite wavy.  
  • Hotel nearby location: Book Here
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