Kota Tua, The Batavia of Jakarta

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The old of Batavia is small area that located in center of Jakarta. It was an important area within 16th century in Asia. The Batavia inhabited by Batavian people that now days part of Netherlands and became the former name of Jakarta - Capital of Indonesia. 

It was small port in the corner of Ciliwung river. The old name of this area was Sunda Kelapa - under the period of Jayakarta (Banten sultanate). However, this area as historically famous since 4th century during Hinduism and Buddhism entering the Java Island. The city was claimed for many powerful authority such as Tarumanegara kingdom, Hinduism kingdom of Sunda until the Duth East Indies colonize period. The Batavia has attracted many civilization since this area was very strategic and provide rich variety of trading materials.

Trip advisor Indonesia (Batavia) - Kota Tua Jakarta

Playground and Trip advisor activity
  • The history of Jakarta Museum
  • Puppet Museum
    • Puppet show: 2nd and 3rd Week each Month
    • Open Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (09.00 - 15.00)
    • Ticket @2000 IDR
  • Fatahillah Square
  • Fine art and ceramic Museum
  • Post Office Fatahillah
  • Vintage Style Banking Building (Mandiri and Bank of Indonesia)
  • Bike rental around Fatahillah square
How to Reach Kota Tua:
  • Busway: from all lines goes to K1.01 Kota then walk for 1 minutes from the bus station.
  • Commuter line (train): from all lines goes to JAKARTA KOTA station, 2 minutes walk straight through the exit.
Other Trip Advisor Recommendation:
  • No ticket to enter this location
  • Toilet: behind the Batavia Cafe or use portable
  • Coffee and Cafe: available there in several spot
  • Street Food: you may try "Pecel Lontong", "Ketoprak" or other traditional culinary. It starts from 10.000 IDR.
  • The museum will close during National Holidays. 
  • Best view: Morning and evening. Avoid visit at holidays or weekend it will be so crowded. 
  • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
  • Nearby hotel Click Here
  • Surroundings landmark: 
    • Beos (Kota) station
    • Trans Jakarta / Busway Station
    • BNI 46 Bank
    • DKI Bank
    • Sunda Kelapa Harbour
    • Ancol
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