Martello Fortress Tour, Kelor Island Jakarta

The Martello fortress, located in the Kelor Island within administration of thousand islands region - Jakarta. It has been built in east area of the archipelago since 17th century by VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie). The Martello fortress was been functioning to support the old battle between Netherlander and Portuguese in Indonesia. It was also functioning as tower guard to secure the entry line to Batavia / Jayakarta (Jakarta Now days) from this gate. This fortress became a silence witness that Indonesia archipelago is an interesting place from many years ago. The Martello ruins now left only for the main tower. The building structure has gone by sea abrasion and other damage. Most of the main building has been drowning to the sea.

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The Kelor itself is one of the small island within thousand island area. In this region there are other sister islands such as: Onrust and Cipiir. And a group of ancient Netherlander grave, seven provincien tomb, pilgrim building ruins, hospital ruins and prison can be found also in this region. The Kelor is located about one hours sea trip by boat from Ancol. Alternatively can be reached from local traditional port Muara Kamal.
Trip Advisor Kelor Island - Jakarta

Transportation (Trip Tracking) & Cost: 
  • Ancol port
  • Muara kamal port (local traditional port)
Travel Advisor Guide:
  • Group backpacker (max 15 peoples)
  • Medium trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage and adult 
Trip Advisor / Tour Activity:
  • Photo making
  • Beach playground
  • Walking around
  • Swimming does not recommended through this area
Travel Equipments and Tools:
  • Life vest
  • Medicine, sun glass, sun block and hat
  • Personal stuff
Other recommendation:
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