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The white sand of Menjangan island is one of a wonderful place within Bali area. It is located five mils away from Bali and sets within National park of west Bali. The menjangan island hosts of local wild deer or in Indonesian called "MENJANGAN". It is also a Ganesa temple there so visitor can follow the step to see the Balinese Hinduism pilgrim.

Photo by Ishag Fian | Ardjuna

This island not too popular destination among international tourist nor local, except the diving and snorkeling group. It has the best spot of snorkeling and wall diving in Bali which rich variety of coral garden, dolpin, anemone, gorgonian table, eel, lion fish, murray, whale shark, and other flora and fauna.

Not only snorkeling and diving, menjangan also has white sand beach, so visitor can enjoy sun bathing or playground at the beach. To reach this location, can be traveled by both location - Banyuwangi or Bali itself. Since the menjangan location very close to both of them.

Trip Advisor Menjangan Island - West Bali National Park Indonesia
Things to do in Menjangan island:
  • Playground at the beach or visiting the track to Ganesa temple
  • Sunbathing and enjoy the suroundings
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
 Travel Advisor Equipments:
  • Sun block, Sun glass, Beach cap
  • Snorkeling: life vest, mask, snorkel, fins
  • Diving equipments
  • Personal stuff
 Travel Transportation and Cost
  • Banyuwangi: from city center can travel to Watudodol village (the tradional port near Bali island) - it is located in main road Banyuwangi - Bali.
  • Bali: from Denpasar can travel to Banyuwedang, then continue to the menjangan by local ship. Or from Ketapang goes to Gilimanuk port then continue by local ship about 30 - 45 minutes sea trip.
Note: no public transportation to reach Menjangan. It will better if you use private bus or rent car. the cost vary on your deal and travel agency. The vacations package start from 800.000 IDR include bus, ship, snorkeling or diving tools.

Other recommendation:
  • Do not stand on the coral when do snorkeling nor giving fish food
  • Mind your swimming since some jelly fish may attack (depend on seasons)
  • Take care your belonging and please do #gogreen #traveling
  • Hotel nearby location: Book Here
  • Menjangan island from Watudodol, Banyuwangi: Mr. Ishag Fian | WA.+6282302448886 
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