The Silent Witness Grave, Onrust Island Jakarta

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Onrust island is one of the small island where located on the thousand island region - Jakarta. It was called also Ship island (Pulau Kapal), since this island had became busy port within period of Dutch colonize. In the east of this island there is also kelor where Martello fortress ruins in. The onrust name was taken from Dutch phrase "onrust" or in English "unrest".

Thus, onrust also was been functioned as sanatorium in 1911 until 1933 and become pilgrim quarantine barrack which accommodated thousands hajj pilgrim that time. Afterwards, this location functioned as isolation infectious diseases until 1960. There were a group of grave that had become silent witness since many years ago.
Onrust island is about 14 kilometers away from Jakarta and can be reached from various port such as: Ancol, Pasar Ikan Angke, Priok and Muara Kamal. Visitor can do special playground like fishing and camping (with prior of permission) in this area. There is also a Museum from the latest original building still exist to days.

Trip Advisor Onrust / Kapal Island - Jakarta
Transportation (Trip Tracking) & Cost: 
  • Ancol port
  • Muara kamal port (local traditional port)
Travel Advisor Guide:
  • Group backpacker (max 30 peoples)
  • Medium trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage and adult 
Trip / Tour Activity:
  • Photo making
  • Beach playground
  • Walking around
  • Swimming does not recommended through this area
Travel Equipments and Tools:
  • Life vest
  • Medicine, sun glass, sun block and hat
  • Personal stuff
Other Trip Recommendation:
  • Contact travel guide: not available right now
  • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
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