The Mystical Stratovolcano, Bromo Mount


The mystical Brahma mountain also well known as Bromo. It is an active stratovolcano mountain type which has wonderful landmark and nature. The Brahma name was taken to represent the greatness of this mountain. It is similar with the Brahma class status within Hinduism - the Goddess of God.

Bromo is located in the center of four city in east java area, divided into Probolinggo, Lumajang, Pasuruan and Malang. It is belong to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. He stand among of them with 7.460 feet high ( it is not the highest peak of the massif but it is the most well known) and has about 10 kilometers squares wide of sea sand, also Tengger caldera in the center of the mountain. The volcano caldera still active until now. It produces sulfur and dangerous gasses and sometimes warning issues of visiting Bromo are published by the Indonesian center of volcanology and disaster (depend on its activity).

The golden sun rise, Volcano Cadera, the sea sand, teletabis hills are the most popular destination there. Visitor can enjoy also riding horses to reach the peak of Bromo volcano and some Yadna "KASODO / KASADA" ceremony may be held every years at: 14th / 15th day in the 10th month of Kasada - Hindu lunar calendar (usually). It is a mystical Hinduism procession including trowing sacrifices into the caldera - vegetables, chicken, goat, etc This ritual base on the old tradition of local story of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng who was the first origin man there. And to day they called "Suku Tengger".


Trip Advisor Bromo Mountain - East Java

Things to do:
  • Suggested one day trip (night travel) to see sun rise and enjoy playground at savana hills, sea sand and hiking to volcano caldera or Riding a horse.
  • Alternative activity (Milky way hunting) also possible, please follow this link: Bromo Secret Viewpoint
 Transportation (Trip / TourTracking) & Cost:  
  • Surabaya (Airport or Hotel): you can use rent car or travel agency from the air port or transit hotel in Surabaya. There are alot of private bus/van for rent. Midnight trip begin at 10.00 PM from Surabaya and arrives at the final parking around 03.00 AM. You can continue your trip at "Penanjakan" and Bromo tourism location by Jeep Rental.  It start 250.000 IDR.
Note: please find the best travel vacations package so you will not charge additional fee (it is about 800.000 IDR round trip from Surabaya exclude riding horse).  There are so many travel agency within Juanda international air port or book from your hotel.
  • Alternatively you can travel to Malang by Bus then continue your travel by rent car.
  • From Bali - Flight to Malang or Surabaya and continue with the rent car or travel.

Travel Advisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group backpacker
  • Medium trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage, adult or family group 
  • Best views: dry seasons (August - September)
Tour Equipments and Tools:
  • Winter jacket, mask, glove and sun glass
  • Medicine
  • Personal stuff: camera, etc
  • Mineral water
Other Travel advisor recommendation:
  • Since Bromo atmosphere is very cold pslease take care yourself to keep warm. 
  • Enough rest and fit energy. You may need additional energy when hiking to volcano caldera. There are hundreds steps to reach the peak. Please mind yourself when hiking.
  • To see the golden sun rise, you must reach "Penanjakan" - most popular, at 04.00 AM to find the best spot. 
  • Hotel Click Here
  • Onto the peak of volcano caldera, it may be so dangerous so please mind your trip activity there.
  • Secret viewpoint and Contact Person: Mr. Budi Tarjo BBM PIN 572D093B | Call/Whatsapp. +62 857 3326 8766
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