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The Gayo land is a beauty plateau located in central Aceh. The land of Gayo is hiding through the Aceh cordillera where stand from the north to the Barisan hill in the south east of Sumatera island. It host in the 1200 mean above sea level and cover by fertile green ground, glowing rivers, forest and the blue lake tawar. The Gayo land also named as Takengon and well known as area which produce high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee species. They have the largest of coffee crops yield in Indonesia, and grown from two different location: Central Aceh and Bener Meriah.

The Gayo coffee bean well known as an Arabica species. It is the origin of Arabica coffee from Indonesia and become very famous in the world. The roasted Gayo beans produce a strong, full-bodied coffee with a distinctive tasty flavour and less bitterness than other coffee bean due to its pyrazine content. The Gayo coffee is one of the best coffee flavour in the world. They exported through the nation and planted using organic method. Therefore, Gayo coffee also famous as an organic Arabica coffee bean.

The coffee itself drives the Gayo land become one of popular Indonesian travel destinations than its tourism. Mostly, Peoples visit Gayo to find the coffee and enjoy the coffee blend from its origin. The flavour and taste become the most vital factors visitor travel to Gayo land. Thus, the lake of Laut Tawar provides wonderful views with 5.472 hectare wide. The perfect match to enjoy Gayo Coffee and fresh atmosphere. The Laut Tawar lake is a home of the origin of "Depik" - white glowing small fish. They only appear at the lake surface in the rain seasons. The Depik legend said that the fish transformed from the rice which thrown to the lake and it is a symbol of blessing.

The other travel destinations of Tanah Gayo - Aceh are the rocky river called "Wheni Kulus", Enang - enang flower garden, Terasisirng farm at Bener Meriah and also "Pukes Queen" Cave (2 kilometers from the laut tawar lake).

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Trip Advisor Indonesia - Tanah Gayo, Aceh (Gayo Arabica Coffee)

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost:
    • Medan:  From Internasional Polonia Medan to Rembele Airport (it is about 15 kilometers from Takengon). It take 55 minutes using small air craft of PT. Nusantara Buana Air (NBA). The flight route available only on Thursday and Saturday and fly at 07.00 AM. The ticket is about 268.000 IDR (exclude airport tax). Reservation 061 453 4680 from Medan or 0643 24135 from Takengon. Alternatively you can also use SMAC or Susi Air to reach Rembele Airport.Thus, Rembele to Takengon can be reached by bus or taxi meter.
    • Aceh - Sultan Iskandar Muda airport.
      • Taxi Meter to Bireuen. Please check update cost from Airport information. It start bout 600.000 IDR. Bireuen to Takengon use local bus.
      • Taxi meter too Banda Aceh bus station. The cost start 70.000 IDR. From the bus station, traveler can continue their trip to Takengon with this following bus: Parisada Motor Tholhah Hasan or PMTOH, Karunia-Pusaka-Anugerah (Karunia Group) and Pelangi. The bus charges about 100.000 IDR/trip.  
    Note: for comfort trip to Gayo land, Indonesia, you can contact local guide to help you reaching the land and finding further information as bellow listed.
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    • Hotels/Homestay: providable around the area. The price vary on your budget. It start from 250.000 IDR.
    • Alternatively to enjoy Gayo coffee at Banda Aceh: a specialty Gayo Coffee shop (Warung kopi) located in Jalan Rawasakti Barat Lorong 3 No 10A Jeulingke, Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh. The coffee shop also providable for city tour guide and transportation. Contact person or further information: Mr. Dani
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