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Pecel is one of the Javanese traditional salad. It is consisting of vegetables mix in peanut sauce dressing. The vegetables are usually: cabbage, kale, sprout, carrot, or even lotus flower. It is vary and based on location or tradition. Pecel served with steam rice, lontong or ketupat. While lontong or ketupat is kind of steam rice which cooked by banana or palm leaf. The rice role inside and boiling with high temperature then cut into small cake to serve. The peanut sauce is similar with "Gado - Gado" or other dishes, it may different with some additional ingredient such as black sauce shrim cream "petis".

In Jakarta, pecel serving with lontong and "kerupuk/krupuk" / crackers and "gorengan" / fried tofu or "tempe". Some of them serve with the variant of noodles. The pecel lontong can be found easily in public service area such as market, station or park. When you visit the kota tua jakarta, there are many of "Pecel Lontong" street food merchant as alternatively. For best recommendation to enjoy this street culinary, you would better come in the morning where the food and vegetables still fresh. Otherwise you will may find some disappointing. 

Trip Advisor Culinary Indonesia - Lontong Pecel Jakarta (Street Food Culinary)

Lontong Pecel Ingredient: 
  • Pecel Sauce: fried ground peanut, salt, palm sugar, tamarind juice, chili paper, galangal, lime leaf and garlic. All the ingredient are mixed together with boiling water.
  • Vegetables: cabbage, spinach, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, cassava leaf, lemon basil, or other vegetables, are boiling in hot water.
  • Additional ingredient: lontong and fried Tofu/Tempe.
  • Variety: noodles.
Travel Adisor - Culinary Guide:
  • Best serve: morning or evening
  • Place to find: food court with traditional culinary like "Warung Betawi", Restaurant or other place like station, traditional market, or tourism, you may also try this street food culinary in Kota Tua - Jakarta. It cost from 10.000 IDR.
  • Mixing recommendation: you may choose between "lontong" and noodle to mix with the vegetables, it will depend on your plate flavor. 
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