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Trip advisor snorkeling spot at pahawang island, one of the great snorkel area in Indonesia. It is located in the area of Jeralarangan, Marga Punduh, Pesawaran - Bandar Lampung or about 3 hours trip by car to south west of Bandar Lampung. The Pahawang name itself, came from the two legendary story that may be happened from the past. The first rumor said that it was a shipboard captain and his crew beached to this island, his name is Pak Hawang or Mr. Hawang. And the other rumor said, the island founded by chinese - betawi lady who came and lived in this island from batavia or Jakarta at the year of 1800. Her Name is Mpok Awang (Madam Awang). The evidence of this story is proofed by an old grave still exist in the center of the island.

While the story still lives until now, the Pahawang provides many views of vacations. The well known among backpacker Indonesia are rich snorkeling spots, magical white sand beach, tropical forest and sun bathing. All this destination spread out through the location such as: small and big Pahawang island, Kelagiahan island, Cukuh bedil, Tanjung putus and Maitem. Thus, there is a special location where coral transplantation available there. When your trip lucky enough, you may see the local citizen doing coral transplantation as follows.

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Trip Advisor Indonesia - Pahawang, Bandar Lampung

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost:
  • From Jakarta:
    • Step 1: traveler must reach merak port in west java area. It took about 2 - 3 hours by bus or your can reach the port by train from jakarta. 
    • Step 2: then you can contine the trip to the Bandar lampung port (Bakauheni) by Ferry. The ticket about 15.000 IDR per person and it takes about 2 hours trip. 
    • Step 3: from Bakauheni port, contunie with rent car to Pahawang port. Estimation cost about 800.000 - 900.000 IDR per car max 6 person per round trip. The cost may vary from your deal and it need about 3 hours trip. 
    • Step 4: from Pahawang to homestay at island you can rent local ship. The price vary from your deal it strat from 500.000 IDR round trip include homestay, breakfast and food.
  • From Bandar Lampung: Rent car from airport to pahawang port and follow step 4.
Note: the best recommendation to explore this area is using rent car from Jakarta to the location, alternatively using public transportation. It may took about 10 hours total trip vary from your transport type.
Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Best recommended trip: group backpacker with total member of 15 peoples
  • Long trip and difficult travelling
  • Recommended for teenage and adult  only
  • Ideal best trip 2 nights 3 days. Start in the evening from Jakarta 18.00 WIB
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Jacket, Snorkeling stuff and life vest (you can rent at the location), recommended: bring your own stuff.
  • Medicine, sun block, sun glass
  • Personal stuff, towel, swim suit, beach sandals, underwater cam
  • Electrolyte water 
  • Snack
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
  • Homestay/camping information profitable depend on your activity, please discuss with your trip guide or local permit.
  • For best moment you may joint with local community and sharing. Some of them easily found from facebook group: backpaker jakarta, backpacker jakarta or backpacker nusantara. or You may contact us for further detail and help.
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