Pasopati Monkasel, Surabaya

The Monumen Kapal Selam/Monkasel (Submarine Monument) KRI Pasopati 410, is one of  an interesting vacation destination in Surabaya, Indonesia. It provides historical story, education and also fun tourism destination. The KRI Pasopati 410 monument officially opened in 15 Juli 1998. It has built in real conditions so visitor can see the submarine itself fully. 

The KRI Pasopati 410 officially operated since 29 January 1962 and functioning as part of anti-shipping, controlling and attacking the target of war. It has involved within TRIKORA (Papua war) to destroy the enemy from the back as dramatically. Pasopati 410 has been made in Vladi Wostok Rusia at 1952. And It has become important part of Indonesian marine army weapon.

The Pasopati 410 designed with specification as follow: dimension 76.6 x 6.30 m, surface speed 18.3 knot, underwater speed 13.6 knot, weight 1.300 tons with 12 unit torpedos (7 m lenght), Diesel machine, 224 battery and able carries about 63 ropers. It has seven rooms such as torpedo rooms, dining-kitchen & rest room, operating room, machine room, communication and back with totals of two torpedos inside.  

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Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost:

The submarine Pasopati 410 Monument easily found from Surabaya city center. It is located around Surabaya plaza area at the river side of "kali mas", one minutes walk from Sahid Hotel Surabaya or 4 minutes walk from the Garden palace/Surabaya hotel.

Note: entrance ticket 10.000 IDR.
Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker
  • Easy travelling
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, family with kids, couple, student
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  • Location: Jalan Pemuda 39 Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia
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