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Trip Advisor - Lombok, NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat): Lombok island is located at the east of Bali Island. Like no other land in Bali, Lombok has many variation of vacations destination. The most attractive are about the landscape of its beach, sea and mountain. The beauty beaches can be found easily through west, east, north and central Lombok.

Kuta Area is one of the most popular region in central Lombok where many beauty sea and beach can be visited. At the west of it, a white sand beach with smooth windy hills, warm weather and blue ocean water can be traveled to recharge body and soul with fresh aura of tropical energy. It is also a perfect place for sun bathing or tanning spa and meditation. While enjoying swimming there also possible. And it may a good place to escape from routine, enjoy reading book or get some inspiration from nature side. That place is called "Mawun Beach". It is relatively a new Lombok holiday destination, so it will not crowd by local or international visitor.

The Mawun beach is hiding through the hill from the main road to Selong Belanak beach - beginner surfing spot where located at the west of Kuta Beach. It can be reached about 2.5 trip by motor or car from Mataram or about one hour from Kuta. There are many activity to enjoy this beach, walking around near the area will give a different experience like no other place in Indonesia. Some seasons, the beach provides a contrast color of exotic tropical view like green from the hill, blue from the sea and white glowing sand at the wet time.
Trip Advisor Indonesia - The Mawun Beach

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost: to reach Mawun beach relatively easy both from Mataram or Kuta area. Just follow the guide map bellow if you drive with the motor.
  • 1st time in Lombok: please use rent car or travel guide since the area not reachable by public transportation. 
  • 2nd time: you can use motor rent to reach the mawun beach. Better you go with a group of backpacker of traveler.
Note: Rent car from Mataram will cost about 500.000 IDR/day vary from the rental provider and your deal. It will include driver, gasoline and entrance ticket or parking may possible. By this rent car you can reach also other destination as information bellow. No tips for the driver. Thus, motor rent it start 75.000 - 100.000 IDR/day, gasoline, parking and ticket are exclude. Entrance ticket 10.000 IDR for motor and about 20.000 IDR for car. 

Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Recommended a Group Backpacker at least two peoples with local people
  • Advance trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, family with kids and couples
  • Safety visiting max until at 04.00 PM since the area does not provides any light and hotels. It may so dangerous if you ride motor lone at dark. Driving rental motor cycle recommended for those who ever stay in Lombok island.
  • Please use helm when you ride a motor cycle (safety riding)
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Sun glass, sun block
  • Towel, swim suit
  • Personal stuff: surf board, medicine box, etc
  • Mineral water and foods
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
  • Hotels/Homestay providable near Kuta. Some villas may be found near the Mawun beach but not too many. Alternatively Click Here
  • Help and local guide: Mr. Opie Facebook: Travel Advisor Lombok | Mr. Andang  BBM PIN. 579E1A5E, Whatsapp. +62 878 431 50646, Instagram: AndankFaqih
  • Nearby Destinations for one day trip:
    • Mawi Beach: surfing school academy for beginner
    • Selong Belanak Beach: surfing spot for beginner to advance
  • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
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