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Tembe Nggoli, a name of beauty traditional Bima - West Nusa Tenggara fabrics. It is also well known as Sarong Bima or in local language "Tembe" means Sarong and "Nggoli" is lenient thread. Tembe Nggoli is made from high quality cotton which is weaving manually (hand made). Usually manufacturing by woman while they nurturing the children at home or they usually process the fabric while waiting harvest time. The Tembe Nggoli is produced with complex process and tools. It may took many weeks to finish it, generally a month or more.

They use natural ingredient for the coloring process. It may extract from turmeric, pandanus or teakwood leaf.  Thus, the cotton treat its process into colorful thread. By using traditional weaving machine that make from wood or they called "Gedongan". 

Like no other Indonesian traditional fabric, the Tembe Nggoli has bright color on its motif as their characteristic. The fabrics also strong and smooth. And it is represent the quality and the cultural principal on it. The Tembe Nggoli now days become so fo popular. It wear also for modern fashion which able to mix with other Indonesian fabric like "BATIK" and so on. The Tembe Nggoli also famous as "Rimpu Mpida" - a traditional burka or hijab. Thus, a special motif Tembe Nggoli may wear in traditional ceremony like wedding party or other event.

trip advisor indonesia  holiday indonesia

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Bima,  West Nusa Tenggara

Bima can reached from various destinations. If you were in Bali or Lombok for holiday or vacations, you can visit Bima as alternative trip:
  • From Bali use local flight or ferry. The ticket vary from the local provider. It start 500.000 IDR.
  • Lombok area, can use flight, ferry or bus. Bus ticket about 200.000 IDR.
Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker
  • Medium trip
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, couple or family
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools:
  • Personal stuff and no other specific tools
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
  • Hotel, Hostel or Homestay providable around Bima start 300.000 IDR you can easily find around Bima.
  • Fabric price: it vary from it shape and motif. Start from 500.000 IDR for normal size - 1.500.000 IDR.
  • Fabric manufacture center: Desa Rabadompu, Raba, Bima or alternatively at Desa Renda, Belo, Bima. It is about 15 kilometers from Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin airport.
  • Contact Person to buy or guide to bima vacations (Backpacker Nusantara Network): Mr. Firna +62 82147141313 (Whatsaap or SMS). 
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