Toraja International Festival 2015

Toraja International Festival 2015 is the 3rd annual Toraja agenda to present ancient culture and sacred megalithic root of Toraja Highland Society. It is a media to show the uniqueness of Toraja arts and culture to the world. The first annual was held in 2013 and continue to 2014. This year the Toraja International Festifal (TIF) will held in 14 to 16 August 2015.

It is more than culture and arts festival but also perform many interesting activities such as the Toraja coffee festival (one of best coffee in Indonesia), culinary festival, jewelery and craft exhibition, Agrotourism activity and cultural seminar. It is performing also artist from various regions such as United States, Hungary, Spain, Holland, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe.  

This year, the festival will aim at the Ke'te Kesu, Rante Pao - North Toraja.  It is one of beauty region in Indonesia. The Toraja itself is an ethnic group indigenous to highland mountainous region in South Sulawesi and the Toraja word taken from local Bugis buginese language which means "People of the Upland".  

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Toraja Land, South Sulawasi

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost:
  • Flight: Makasar (Hasanuddin Airport) to Toraja land (Pongtiku Airport) where built in the Rantetayo village near the Makale of Toraja. To days, this route no longer exist but you can find small flight (Perintis) information and flight schedule from Hasanuddin Airport. Alternatively use the following transportation.
  • Bus:
    • From Hasanuddin Airport to Daya bus station (center of Makassar). You can use Taximeter, Pete-Pete (minivan) or Ojek (motor service) to the bus Station. You must walk outside the airport to reach main road for pete-pete (it is about 3 kilometers away) and it cost 4000 IDR to reach the station. Thus for Ojek the fee vary by your deal and the Taxi meter cost about 38.000 IDR.
    • From Daya bus station to Toraja you can use these following bus:

      Fa Litha: start at 10.00 AM to Makale or Rantepao Toraja. It cost about 80.000 IDR (Bus with AC). For reservation please contact from this phones: 0423 22009 (Makale), 0423 21204 (Rantepao), 0411 442263 (Makassar) | Office: Jl. Pelita No. 97 Makale or  Jl. Mappanyukki Rantepaoatau

      New Liman: operational hours 9.00 - 21.30 to Rantepao Toraja. It cost about 80.000 IDR (Bus with AC). Reservastion 0423 23767 (Rantepao), 0411 458404 (Makassar) | Office: Jl. Mappanyukki, Rantepao.

      Bintang Prima: Reservation 0423 21142 (Rantepao), 0411 4772888, 0411 581305 (Makassar). It cost 80.000 IDR (non AC/AC).

      Alam Indah: Office: Jl. Mappanyukki No. 42, phone. 0423 21305 | operasional hours: 6:00 - 21:30. Bus with AC ticket 80.000 IDR.
Note: you can use other method by using travel agent from the Hasanuddin airport.

Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker
  • Advance trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage and adult, couple
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Personal stuff 
  • Masker, towel, mineral water 
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
  • Toraja International Festival 2015 contact person: Prity Saraswat phone 081311304098 | E-mail prityaswari[at]
  • Hotel, hostel/homestay are providable near the area.
  • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
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