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Travel Advisor Indonesia - Best oceanic surf spot at Lombok, it is located hiding from Gerupuk village. Feel extra adrenaline of best Lombok surf spot. This spot is one of extra ordinary surf spot since the location is in the middle of the sea. It is about 30 minutes away from the main Gerupuk beach by local ship. So the surf board must carry together to the ship and reach the location.

The Gerupuk surf spot has a beauty over five meters wavy water. So, it will fit for advance surfer to enjoy this extreme sport. Strong swimming skills is required since jump straight to water from the ship is the only way can do. Bringing the board to nearest spot, may took energy since the water drift is strong enough. Only those who has experienced skills can handle this difficulty.


If you are a new beginner, please come with local guide for further instruction or help. It may be so dangerous for you to do solo surfing. This spot point is relatively new. It also well known as desert or secret point. Acording to the local name it is well known as Bangko Bangko Beach. The Gerupuk surf spot offer the best quality of surf. It has amazing hollow left hander that on its day can break up to 300 meters and its size growing to the end. The wind always comes in any seasons but the best one is in the dry seasons. To access this weaves can reach by local ship only.

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Secret Surf Spot - Gerupuk, Lombok

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost: the Gerupuk secret oceanic surf spot is located at the east of Kuta Beach. It is about seven kilo meters away and can be reach by car or motor rental. It is hiding through the Gerupuk village. To access the waves, you need to rent local ship.
Note: Local ship rental about 300.000 to 400.000 IDR, surf board around 250.000 IDR . It will vary on your deal. All rental service can be found around the area or you may contact to Mr. Gono +62 853 3779 8700

Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker, Surfing lover
  • Advance trip
  • Recommended for teenage and adult (no children)
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Swim or Surf suit
  • Personal stuff
  • Towel, mineral water 
  • Sunblock and surf board
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:  

  • Local ship and surf board rental available around the village or local surfing coach: Mr. Gono +62 853 3779 8700 | Facebook: Mariono Gono
  • Restaurant and rest room: providable, please ask the local 
  • Hotel and homestay click here
  • Nearby destination for one day trip:
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