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Trip Advisor Honeymoon Vacation Indonesia - Gili Layar, Lombok is one of the best gilis from the 12 group Gilis (Gili Nanggu, Gili sudak, Gili tangkong, Gili kedis, Gili lontar, Gili genting, Gili poh, Gili gede, Gili rengit, Gili asahan, Gili layar and Gili Anyaran) in Sekotong area of west Lombok. Gili from local language means "small island".  Gili Layar itself located on the group of Gili Gede, Gili Ringit, Asahan and Anyaran. From this group the Gili Layar and Ringit are the best one. It seem likes private island where the white sand beach and blue ocean can enjoy personally. These Gilis are not too popular as tourist destinations. So It will be a perfect location for 3 days and 2 nights trip or honeymoon vacation. The Gili Layar also well known a jewel within Lombok region, it is a quite and virgin island.  It is also place for stunning underwater beauty. Gili Layar has a wide of snorkeling spot and diving areas, one of the widest snorkeling spot around Lombok. It is rich of colorful coral including famous blue coral and varieties of fish. This small island only about 60ha wide, so enjoying whole island by walking is possible.


Within Gili Layar area, a charming Sasak traditional-style Bungalow available for booking. Please find detail information bellow. The price rooms is about 600.000 - 750.000 IDR per night. While enjoying the island privately and doing snorkeling, swimming, free diving, tanning spa or sun bathing together like owning the island is possible. Since the Bungalow located in front of the main beach. Thus, the Ringit located near the Layar area. It is about 15 minutes by local boat. Snorkeling is the only recommendation activity within Ringit. Since this island homeless for local people and there is no such good facility.

Feeling quite ambiance and escape from busy city life while stay at Layar island. The other alternative activity, especially at night are BBQ, fishing, refreshing together with hammock or enjoying environment of full romantic moon (usually at the 14th or 15th day of lunar calendar) at the beach. It will be perfect honeymoon holidays. Gili layar located about 50 kilometers from Mataram or about 70 kilometers from Segigi. And can be reach from various way as follow:

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Gili Layar, Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost: from Mataram, Segigi or Kuta, the only way by rental car to reach Tembowong port (traditional port) at dusun Permula, Pelangan village. The port located behind the unused gas station. Then you may continue trip by local boat to reach the Layar area. The fee vary on your deal and it start from 250.000 IDR to drop and pick up.
    Note: please mind of drop and pick up dealing schedule | rent car start about 400.000 - 750.000 vary from your starting point.

    Travel Adisor Guide:
    • Individual or Group Backpacker
    • Medium trip difficulty
    • Recommended for teenage, adult, family with kids, couple for honeymoon
    Travel Advisor Equipment and Tools:
    • Dive or swimming suit
    • Sun glass, sun block, snorkeling and dive equipment (better you bring your own)
    • Personal stuff 
    • Medical Kits
    Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
    • Hotels/Homestay information (you may ask also for dropping or pick up): Layar Beach Bungalow (+62) 8170040887 | E-Mail:  contact[at]layarbeachbungalow.com - alternatively Click Here
    • Room type: Lumbung and Sekenem type | Restaurant is available with traditional bamboo style 
    • Trip recommendation: 3 days 2 nights for honeymoon and 2 days one night for family holidays
    • Local Guide @Lombok: Mr. Andang Whatsapp: +62 878 4315 0646
    • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
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