Sailing Komodo Pinisi 3 Days 2 Nights


Things to Do 3 Days and 2 Nights in Komodo Island - Life on board cruise ship, sailing with Pinisi (Traditional Indonesian Ship), sunset, sunrise, snorkeling, meet wild manta and the rare blue tentacle Jellyfish. An amazing trip you can enjoy within 3 days with great experience. You will never find this adventure activities in other place. Komodo - The Dragon national park is located within Lesser Sunda islands in the border between West and East Nusa Tenggara. The park includes three large islands: Komodo, Rinca, Padar and 26 smaller islands. Komodo National park has total area of 1.733 km2 and 603 km2 of it land. The Komodo Dragon national park was founded in 1980 and become world heritage site by UNESCO in 1991. This area controlled by specific law to protect Komodo as the largest Lizard on earth. It is also protect marine biodiversity including fish, coral and other species.

There are many ways to enjoy the park. One of the special activities is life on board by Pinisi boat. Usually the sailing took 3 days and 2 nights to explore the area. The trip will start from Labuan Bajo port then continue to Kanawa, snorkeling at Sembilan Island to meet the blue tentacle Jellyfish, enjoying sunset and sunrise at Gili Lawa, Snorkeling or diving in Manta point, sun batting or tanning spa at Pink Beach, exploring Padar, Rinca and Kelor to meet wild Komodo or hiking to the top of the island. This activites is vary from your sailing Phinisi provider. Some of them does not go to Sembilan island. So you must aware to manage your trip and vacations from the custom itinerary by your provider. For futher info, please follow our advise or guide as bellow:


Trip Advisor Indonesia - Komodo National Park, Sailing with Pinisi Boat

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost:
  • From Jakarta, Surabaya: direct flight or transit via Kupang to Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. 
  • From Bali, Lombok: direct flight from various flight provider or land transport (Bus) or Sea by Pelni. Please refer to Pelni schedule here: PELNI 
Note: Flight price vary from your provider: Garuda, Wings Air, Lion, Citilink. Entrance Fee for foreigner (All tickets are valid for 1 day. Fees are payable directly to the National Park authorities):
  1. Entrance Ticket 150,000 IDR per person working days
  2. Entrance Ticket 225,000 IDR per person sundays and National Holidays
  3. Tourism Tax 50,000 IDR per person
  4. Ranger fee Rinca 80,000 IDR per group up to 5 people
  5. Ranger fee Komodo 80,000 IDR per group up to 5 people
  6. Entrance Ticket Boat 100,000 IDR per boat
  7. Fishing fee 25,000 IDR per person
  8. Toilet fee not yet known (usually Free)
  9. Hiking fee 5,000 IDR per person
  10. Wildlife observation fee 10,000 IDR per person
  11. Canoeing fee 25,000 IDR per person
  12. Diving fee 25,000 IDR per person
  13. Snorkeling fee 15,000 IDR per person

Trip Advisor Indonesia recommendation:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker
  • Medium trip difficulty
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, couple, family with kids above 5 years
  • Things to do: snorkeling, diving with special itinerary, sun batting, tanning spa, hiking
Travel stuff and equipment:
  • Snorkel and diving gear. Some provider provides snorkeling gear, it will better if you bring your own
  • Personal stuff and medicine
  • Towel, Bath stuff, swim suit or underwater suit 
  • Mineral water 
  • Sun block, glasses, outdoor cam, etc
Other Trip Advisor / Holiday packages recommendation:
  • Hotels/Homestay/Hotel: there are many hotel near the location, for your convenient you can check or book by Agoda: Book Here
  • Travel from Bali or Ubud area please contact to: Bali Om Jalan Bisma No. 3 Ubud 80571 Bali Indonesia, Phone: +62 8223 739 7076 
  • Travel from Labuan Bajo: Pinisi Package Mr. Ary +62 812 3945 2702
  • Find us and Follow: INSTAGRAM
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