The Legend of Raja Ampat

The Legend of Raja Ampat (Four Kings)

The history of Raja Ampat (Four Kings) comes in many variations. The most popular version from the origin of Raja Ampat people is as follow. It was a couple husband and wife who lived in the area of Wawiyai Kabui village near the Kabui bay. When they were seeking a food into the forest, they reached on the Waikeo (Wai means water and Kew means bay) riverbank. They found six dragon eggs. Then the eggs stored in the noken (the origin Paupua people bag) and kept it at home. At night they found the five eggs already hatched into four sons and one daughter. They wore the royal descendants. These children named: War who become a king in Waigeo, Betani in Salawati, Dohar in Misool (Lilinta) and Mohamad in Bantana (Waigeo). The female child named Pintolee, was found pregnant, her male brother put her in the shell and floated her until she arrived in Numfor island. The other egg failed to hatch. This egg became a stone and it named Kapatuai but it was treated as a king. This stone put in a special room with two stones serving as guardians on both side of the entrance.

Thus, from the part of Indonesian history, Raja Ampat Archipelago was part of the region of Tidore Sultanate in the 15th century. This Sultanate was a great kingdom centered in Maluku Islands. To manage the kingdom, the Tidore Sultanate appointed four local kings to arrange the island of Raja Ampat where become the fourth largest island to this day: Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The term of four Kings who manage the islands becomes the lineage of the name Raja Ampat.

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      5. Batbitbem Island: Misool Eco Resort +62951-322613 +6281344991771 +6286812135121
      6. Mansuar Island: Wombon Swandie +62 852 4435 1531 | Sorido Bay Resort +62951-328038 +62951-328028 | Kri Eco Resort +62951-328038 +62951-328028
      7. Kurkapa Island: Raja Ampat Divelodge 
      8. Birie Island: Papua Paradise Eco Resort +6281344892671 
      9. Misool Island: Harapan Jaya +6281344353030
      10. Sawinggrai: Mambefor +6282199056132 
      11. Arborek Island: Arborek +6281344402542
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