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TripAdvisorIndonesia - Must visit before Die, The world best diving and snorkeling spot with richest tropical biodiversity on earth - Raja Ampat, West Papua - Indonesia. It consist 1500 islands, cays, shoals and thousands species of fish and corals. It is belong the world coral Triangle. The beauty nature of its atmosphere which provide fresh air and water make it a perfect world of vacations or holidays in Indonesia.

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Raja Ampat, West Papua - Indonesia

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Spot and Map: Manta point, Yenbuba Jetty, Arborek Jetty, Cave Lagoon, Nudibranck Mangrove and Reef, Citrus Rigde, Free When Wall, Mangrove and Slope, Kabui Passage, Snorkeller's Paradise, Mellisa's Garden, Yeben Shallows, Mike's Point, Reef's End West, Reef's End East, Kri and many more - unnamed.

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Itinerary: this itinerary map is for illustrated purpose only. It will vary on your dive and boat master guide or customs.

Raja Ampat Diving Spot and Map: Sardines Spot at Kri island, Sel Pele at Waigeo West, South Penemu, Bird Wall Waigeo, Wofoh island, Yangelo Reef, Jef Fam Group, Manta Ridge, Boo island, Fabiacet Reef, Farondi Misool East, Gamfi Damu, Kaleidoscop, The Passage between Wayilbatan and Walib island.

Raja Ampat Diving Itinerary: This diving itinerary may be different with your plan. It will depend on your boat and dive master. Custom itinerary please discuss with them.

Things to Do in Raja Ampat, The Highlight of Diving and Snorkeling Guide:
  • Best activities: underwater reef life and photography
  • Recommended for intermediate to advance diver
  • Depth 5 - 40 meters
  • Visibility 10 - 30 meters
  • Currents: moderate
  • Surface condition: calm
  • Water temperature range: 27 - 30°C 
  • Number of dive sites/spot: Unknown, but >200 
  • Access by liveaboards cruises 
  • Recommended stay 10 - 16 days
  • Diving seasons is simply superb for diving just about all year round
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