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Secret Hidden Spot of Milky Way Point - Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Bromo mount is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. It is located at the south of Surabaya or about 2 - 3 hours trip by car or motor bike. The golden sunrise of Bromo mount become one of the most favorite activity according tourist and visitor. But there are many attractive alternative things to do in Bromo National Park such as enjoying sunset, camping and meet the Milky Way above the Bromo area in clear night sky. 

To do this activities, the Bromo park can be reach from several way including Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Malang (please read route guide bellow for further information). And available many views point such as:
  1. Penanjakan #1 or Mount Penanjakan / Viewpoint #1. This peak is one of the most common to meet Bromo sunrise before entering the volcano area. This peak is located at the north of the caldera. It can be reach from Pasuruan and Malang. At this point the formations of the Bromo mount is bacward of mount Batok and the end is Semeru. They are in line.
  2. Penanjakan #2 or Mount Penanjakan 2 / Viewpoint #2. This viewpoint is located along the Cemoro Lawang to Mount Penanjakan #1 or about 6 kilometers away from the Cemoro Indah Hotel. In this area you can get stunning views without the crowds and allow of 90 minutes for climbing up at a steady pace and bring a flashlight at night. The formation of the mountains almost the as the viewpoint #1
The other unofficial viewpoints are: the peak of Kingkong hills and Bukit Cinta (these two viewpoints are located in the same area), Seruni hill, the peak of B29 and B30 from the Semeru mount area. Thus, there is a The photographer viewpoint available also in Bromo mount. It is well known as secret viewpoint and one of the best peak among the viewpoints above. It has two sibling called Rogo Linduk, Rogo Nganti from the legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger (Kasodo Ceremony). This viewpoint is one of the excellent since provides sunset, sunrise, milky way, view of B29, Ijen and Raung mount at the east of Bromo caldera. The real name of this viewpoint is unpublished for specific purpose reasons. To reach this place, visitor must supervised by local pro guide and the slippery road may be so dangerous. The road can be passed by motor bike only or doing about one to two hours hiking. The area is pretty wide and capable maximum for 12 camps. The best time to visit this viewpoint is in the July to August (dry seasons). At this time, the Milky way tail will be in B29 peak and the body on above the caldera. Thus the wind at this period will not to cold so it may support to your activity to get nice weather and clear sky.

Trip Advisor Indonesia - Photographer Viewpoints Bromo Tengger Semeru Park

Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost: go straight away to the entrance of Penanjakan #1 from various city including Surabaya, Pasuruan and Malang. If you start your trip from Surabaya, you can take Pasuruan rout since this route is the close one. At the entrance of Penanjakan #1 please contact the pro local guide there as Contact Person bellow. Please follow his guide and do safety hiking and trip. Do not go or doing something that make your activity will goes dangerous.

Note: Entrance ticket about 200.000 IDR for normal day and 300.000 IDR holiday and high seasons. Travel agent from Surabaya start 800.000 IDR it will vary from your provider. Guide fee about 500.000 IDR depend on your deal (including tips).

Travel Advisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker max 12 persons
  • Advance trip difficulty with special supervision from local guide
  • Recommended for teenage and adult, professional photographer
  • Things to do: hiking, camping, photography: Milky way, Bromo sunrise, sunset
  • Itinerary suggestion: one half day and one nights. Day trip from starting point and must arrive at the entrance point of Penanjakan #1 at 3 PM, then continue to the viewpoints until sunrise then you can continue your trip to explore the caldera until 12 AM. or Alternatively you can do night trip. Please consult with your guide.
Travel Advisor Equipment and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Winter jacket, hiking and camping stuff
  • Medicine, glove, masker
  • Personal stuff including photo equipment (please do not bring to many stuff, bring the important things. It will make your trip feel better)
  • Food and mineral water and garbage bag
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