Anchient Love Witness of Plaosan Temple

Thousand Years Forbidden Love Story - Hinduism and Buddhism Temple. This is a story of Sri Kahulunnan or Pramodhawardhani (Buddhism), the daughter of Samaratungga who married with Rakai Pikatan in the Hindu tradition. The monument was built as the symbol of two different tradition which blend into a story of love. It formed into two main Buddhist temple, Plaosan Lor (North) and Plaosan Kidul (South). The temple also well known as Plaosan complex which consist a wide open area known as a Mandapa. The temple are separated by a road and has an entrance gate where guarded by Guardian of Dwarapala.

This temple has a linking with Khmer tradition which represent by one of the relief of Khmer prince. The relief is set at the inner wall room which identified wearing his crown. The complex was built into 174 small buildings, 116 Stupas and 58 shrines. The Bodhisattva divinities are found adorning the outer walls with the majority of them are male. The complex has many inscriptions which written as a gift of sanctuary by Rakai Pikatan. Like no other temple complex, The Plaosan temples had been made up of an upper and lower level which separated into three rooms. In the lower level, multiple statue was set in to specific position, but today only two statues of Bodhisattva seated on each place.

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The temple complex also has similarity with the Prambanan temple. The story backward of it also similar. It was built as a gift of the tradition of purposing a woman. And both temple only separated about one kilometer away. It is located at Bugisan village, Prambanan district, Klaten Regency, Central Java or northwest of Prambanan temple. Best visit of this complex during the dray seasons (August - September) to meet beauty romantic golden sunrise which represent the Sri Kahulunnan and Rakai Pikatan love story. You can enjoy the views from the location and continue it to Prambanan afterward.

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Transportation (Trip/Tour Route) & Cost: the Plaosan temple is located near the Prambanan temple. It is about one kilometer away to northwest. To reach this place you can ride rental car, motor or ojek (Motor taxi) from Yogyakarta center. Just follow the main road of Prambanan you will reach the place easily. 

Note: Rent car or motor vary from the provider. It is about 100.000 IDR - 200.000 IDR/day for motor and about 300.000 IDR per day for car. Entrance Fee  = free (but there is donation box there. You can do charity at this point and you may fill the guest book). Parking fee = 1000 - 2000 IDR. 

Alternatively you can buy package tour ticket from the Prambanan - Ratu Boko temple 25 USD for adult (above 6 years) and child 12.5 USD or Borobudur - Ratu Boko 27 USD and Child 17.5 USD. The shuttle bus available near the area but you must to make sure that they will pass this temple. Special request must be made at the international office for custom itinerary.

Travel Adisor Guide:
  • Individual or Group Backpacker
  • Easy trip
  • Recommended for teenage, adult, couple and family with kids
  • Best visit: August - September for sunrise
Travel Advisor Equipments and Tools (Prepare your Wonderful Vacation):
  • Jacket, cap
  • Personal stuff 
  • Mineral water 
  • Camera, outdoor cam
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  • Hotels/Homestay is available near the area. You can book hotel via this following link: Book Here
  • Nearby area: village office, hospital and garden / play ground
  • Local guide and Central Java Tour: Mr. Uki Ronodirjo Facebook | WhatsApp/Phone. +62 81391619754
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